Have you ever looked at your inbox and thought, Jeez, everyone has a newsletter now?

That might be true, but we love an inbox full of newsletters. From inspirational anecdotes and funny childhood stories to the advice we needed to hear and the new practice we’re going to try, newsletters are filled with vital content. We love curling up with a coffee cup in a big chair and scrolling through our list of newsletters, and we want yours to be in there.

Whether you’re a thought leader or a start-up founder or someone who just has something to say, your voice should be heard. But don’t just do it on our account. Here are five of our favorite reasons thought leaders and businesses should start a newsletter.

1. Lead-gen central. If you’re offering a product or service, your newsletter can help nurture members of your audience into leads. Social content is at the top of the sales funnel, but newsletters move people further down it because subscribers give up contact information voluntarily, indicating an interest in what you do. Then, calls to action (CTAs) embedded in your content can help them take the next step by sending them to your webpage, shop, or email address. Even if it takes a little longer, building trust and providing value via your newsletter is a lot easier than throwing marketing dollars at people—if your newsletter costs you anything, it won’t be nearly as much as the rising costs of digital advertising.

2. An all-in-one lab, focus group, and hype crew. A newsletter can be an awesome playground where you can test new ideas, generate testimonials, ask for feedback, and provide an element of exclusivity with sneak peeks, early access, and audience engagement.

3. Take your sales to the next level. Newsletters can also provide opportunities for brand partnerships, ad revenue, and affiliate sales—whether it’s just for you or for your business at large.

4. Room to reinforce your expertise. Social content is awesome and can help reinforce your expertise, but a newsletter allows for more insight on topics important to your audience—all without character limits and an ever-updating feed.

5. Create a base for your content. With a solid strategy, a newsletter provides opportunities to streamline content production. You can write your newsletter, then chop it up for social content on different platforms with the help of graphics and/or videos.

Sitting down to write a newsletter every month or every week takes work, but it’s worth it in the long run. And if you’re too busy to type, we can do it for you.

If you’re thinking about starting a newsletter but aren’t sure where to begin, we recommend beehiiv, a newsletter platform that is super intuitive and designed to help you grow your audience easily. beehiiv’s Development Lead, Daniel Berk, shares great reasons you should start a newsletter on his Twitter every day.