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Frances West is the founder of FrancesWest&Co, a global strategy advisory company focusing on operationalizing diversity inclusion through digital transformation.

Frances West has 30+ years of global business management and sales experience, helping public, private, non-profit, and start-up organization grow through digital inclusion and innovative strategy. She has held numerous executive positions and is a board member/advisor of both for-profit and non-profit companies and is a globally sought-after public speaker. Frances has also authored the book Authentic Inclusion™ Drives Disruptive Innovation, a C-suite oriented cultural and digital transformation leadership best-seller.

Frances and her expert partners help clients to understand and operationalize inclusion as a business imperative from the very top and guide them in formulating technology innovation and institutional practice strategy to achieve market expansion, brand differentiation and talent acquisition.”

Areas of Expertise

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Technology Inclusion
  • Digital Accessibility


  • Keynote Speaker

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Authentic Inclusion & Disruptive Innovation

What is Authentic Inclusion

Authentic Inclusion: An Interview with Frances West


Authentic Inclusion: Drives Authentic Innovation

Frances offers a practical blueprint for business leaders to achieve success through innovative and inclusive strategies, practices, and policies.

Future business will need to innovate and operate with individuaized experience for their customers if they want to succeed. Authentic Inclusion™ Drives Disruptive Innovation proposes new ways that business leaders can affect sustainable and scalable change by integrating inclusion as a strategic design and by addressing diversity proactively. In this essential blueprint, Frances reveals how building inclusion into business strategies, infrastructure, and processes can enable companies to bring principle, purpose, and profit into a state of harmonious alignment. Authentic Inclusion™ Drives Disruptive Innovation offers leaders the necessary guidance to achieve disruptive innovation and lasting business success.



Authentic Inclusion embraces diversity – a must read by Frances West

Vint Cerf

Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, “Father of the Internet

Authentic Inclusion drives home the point that “organic intelligence” cannot be left behind as we embrace an artificially intelligent future. This is the story of an Asian immigrant, a woman who rose to a C-level position at the company in the center of the machine-learning boom, only to firmly embrace and be responsible for promoting the essential human-first values of success in business.

Larry Goldberg

Head of Accessibility, Verizon Media

Given the ever-increasing pace of technology and its role in society, senior leaders in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors alike will benefit from Frances’s vast knowledge and insight to create authenticity, inclusion, and profitability in any industry.

Luis Gallegos

Ambassador of Ecuador to the United Nations, Senior Advisor to the Harvard Law School Project on Disability

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