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Gautam Mukunda is an experienced advisor with a history of helping senior executives with their most pressing challenges.

Gautam Mukunda is an internationally recognized leadership and innovation expert. He is a Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership and the host of Nasdaq’s podcast “World Reimagined.” Gautam has authored two books and published articles in prestigious publications. He has advised various companies and organizations on leadership and strategy while also being actively involved in non-profit work and serving on advisory boards.

Gautam holds a Ph.D. in political science from MIT, specializing in International Relations and Security Studies. Prior to his academic career, he worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company, focusing on the pharmaceutical sector. Additionally, Gautam has been involved in entrepreneurship as a founder and board member of a medical device company. He is engaged in philanthropy through organizations that provide scholarships to underprivileged students and serves on the boards of Bionic Solutions and KITT Bio. Gautam’s contributions extend to the arts and cultural sectors as an overseer of the Boston Ballet and a member of the Museum Council of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Areas of Expertise

  • Filtered Leadership
  • Venture Capital
  • Politics


  • Keynote Speaker

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2023 Global Leadership Summit

Indispensable: When Talks Really Matter

The Price of Wall Street's Power


Picking Presidents

"Picking Presidents" offers a comprehensive and tested approach to evaluating presidential candidates' potential for success in the White House.

In Picking Presidents, Gautam Mukunda sets his sights on presidential candidates, proposing an objective and tested method to assess whether they will succeed or fail if they win the White House. Combining political science, psychology, organizational behavior, and economics, Picking Presidents will enable every American to cast an informed vote.Picking Presidents lays out a clear framework that anyone can use to judge a candidate and answer the all-important question: are they up to the job?


Indispensible: When Leaders Really Matter

Gautam Mukunda offers valuable insights on identifying effective leaders by analyzing their career patterns and the systems that shape their rise to power.

In Indispensable, Harvard Business School professor Gautam Mukunda explores the impact of individual leaders by uncovering hidden career patterns and examining the systems that propel them into positions of power, providing insights on how to identify effective leaders and understand their decision-making processes. Through captivating profiles of historical and contemporary figures, Gautam demonstrates how a single individual in the right place at the right time can shape the destiny of an organization and even alter the course of history, offering valuable lessons for citizens, executives, and aspiring leaders alike.


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