Building a Community that Resonates with a Message

An author, coach, and keynote speaker worked with Arcbound to establish and grow a community that aligned with his work 


After a decade in the corporate world, our client made a career transition. Then, to share what he learned from his first big switch, he sought out another change: becoming a full-time thought leader and empowering people across the world with new perspectives.


When he found himself in the midst of transition once again, he partnered with Arcbound to help define a mission and messaging that would garner a new audience of professionals that resonated with his message.


We began growing our client’s audience by building an effective landing page, which helped steer awareness toward his new endeavor, and collecting mailing list contacts. We then engaged his new audience by establishing a regular cadence of dynamic content posts across multiple social media platforms.

When his next book was ready for publication, we cultivated a book launch community of 700+ members who received exclusive content, one-on-one SMS messaging, and valuable insights from our client’s written work.

We shared these insights on social media as well, extending his reach even further. Using the Arcbound internal network, we arranged a series of interviews between our client and a variety of powerful people, including bestselling authors, executive coaches, and award-winning TV executives, who told their stories through the lens of our client’s work. 


Further, we aligned with various PR outlets and secured 20+ PR placements to share his message more broadly with people who resonated with his mission.


Through social sharing and promotion of his interview series, our client amassed over 4.55 million views post-book launch. These views and his audience engagement directly translated into book sales. When his book was released, it immediately sold thousands of copies, becoming an Amazon Bestseller.

And his audience continues to grow every day.

700+ book launch community

The Arcbound team continues to surprise me in new ways. I’ve never been truly vulnerable online before. The team helped me to meaningfully connect with my audience around my story through building a true community of evangelists who carry my message forward every day.

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