Crafting Content for a Captive Audience

An investor, consultant, speaker, and best-selling author partnered with Arcbound to build and drive content and community when his next book was ready to hit the market.


Our client had a captive audience. His first book had become a bestseller. He had delivered a powerful talk on TED’s main stage. And his work had been featured in leading publications around the world. But he didn’t know how to activate and grow that audience through content creation and dissemination on social media and beyond. 


When his next book was complete, he collaborated with Arcbound to leverage his content and community to drive engagement before, during, and after its publication.


Arcbound began by feeding our client’s existing audience compelling content. We crafted punchy, effective social posts with valuable insights from his first book, and began posting regularly on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Then, we grew that audience, using social listening and inbound marketing tools to share his expertise with those in his industry. With an enhanced and engaged base, we geared up for his second book’s launch.

We built a book launch community of 1,000+ and produced exclusive content for its members, driving post engagement through tactile SMS messaging. We also made the new book the primary focus of our PR efforts and content across all social channels, and continued to promote it after its launch date, alongside his first book and his other endeavors.


With these efforts, our client’s thought leadership has amassed tens of millions of views. His following has increased by more than 100,000. His books have sold thousands of additional copies, and garnered over 7,500 Amazon and Audible reviews. We have secured more than 50 PR placements for him, as well as appearances on dozens of podcasts. And we have been able to hold the attention of a community whose members continue to follow, engage with, and promote his work.


I needed help engaging my community and spreading my message. Arcbound gave me exactly what I was looking for. The team is exceptionally effective at working across platforms and always finds ways to better serve my readers.

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