How many times have you connected with a brand online?

Probably not very often, right?

What about connecting with someone directly on LinkedIn or Twitter?

Chances are it’s happened more than a few times.

It’s a not-so-secret secret that people buy from people.

That’s why the most important person on the marketing team of a young company isn’t the social media manager or even the VP of Marketing. It’s the founder.


Great question; we’d love to tell you.

Founders love to build.

Founders wake up thinking about what they’re creating.

They also know that the company they are building today likely isn’t the company they’ll be growing tomorrow.

That’s why your personal brand as a founder is so important. You’re the face of the company in its early days—you’re who people think about when they wonder if they need a particular product and how it works. And you’re the one driving connection and community.

By developing a clear message and sharing your perspective on the product, along with the company’s milestones, you can build relationships that will last a lifetime.

You can also build a customer base and find talent and opportunities for the company—all driven by your consistent digital presence.

It’s as good for the company as a whole as it is for you personally.

Looking at the long term.

The benefits of having a solid brand as a founder aren’t just short term.

Speaking with founders—especially those who’ve been venture-backed—ten years down the road, we’ve learned that many of them are no longer directly tied to the day-to-day work of the companies they’ve built.  

Founders are always thinking about what’s next, tinkering with a world that’s yet to arrive. With that in mind, you need to be able to take your brand with you after you exit a company (or if that company folds).

A strong brand solidifies your presence now and in the future. It’s an investment in who you are today and what you’ll build tomorrow. And who doesn’t want that?