Want some major insights from one of the most important conferences in the world? 

Our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Claudia Miclaus, went to Davos and got the scoop. 

If you’re not familiar with Davos, here’s the short description:

Davos is a small town in the Swiss Alps. It’s where the official congress from the World Economic Forum happens every year. some of the most powerful people from around the world gather there. Heads of State, government officials, CEOs of the largest global corporations, decision makers, and innovators making a difference. This year, the  WEF took place May 22–26.

During the WEF, the entire mountain town becomes a conference. Every single restaurant, lounge, bar, hotel reception area, and shop, becomes a venue. A venue in which there are leaders speaking b2b, leader to leader, on topics that have the potential to improve the state of the world. From climate change, to women’s equality; from the food crisis, to education and web3. 

Claudia was there for it all. Here are a few personal branding insights that came to light during her time there:. 


1. Everyone has a personal brand 

Claudia’s been saying this for years now, but the conference truly brought it to light.  Virtually everyone she bumped into had invested time, effort, and money into building a strong personal brand.  At Davos, people understand the importance of personal branding and many of them choose to work with agencies and teams who can position them as thought leaders in their industries. 

That’s why they get invited: because they are positioned strategically to achieve their personal and professional goals. 


2. Those with strong personal brands get the best speaking gigs

Those with strong personal brands get the best speaking engagements. The truth is that some of those people aren’t experts; they just look like they are. Since appearances matter, whether we like it or not, they still get invited to panels. That can be disappointing for those in attendance. And it’s one of the reasons it’s so important for us to launch arcs of thought leaders that are experts in their field. 


3. Every corner is a space for content creation 

Everyone creates content from Davos. Decade-shaping decisions, and it’s there and gone in only 5 days. The congress is an eruption of content for global leaders. 

Everywhere you turn, 24/7, you find camera crews from CNN, CNBC, WSJ, FT and many others capturing leaders expressing their perspectives on topics with global implications.

Claudia’s biggest takeaway? Intentionality.  No one featured at Davos was there by mistake. Each speaking engagement represents time and energy and thoughtfulness invested into a personal brand.

So, if you envision spreading a message dear to you, our best advice is to do it with intention. Speak from your heart but consider how you’re putting that precious insight into the world. That’s how to ensure your message will be received.