When we started Arcbound in 2018, our mission was simple: To launch people’s unique, world-changing arcs, powered by their authentic visions and stories. Our mission remains the same, but our tools to achieve it have grown.

Today, we help clients build newsletters, websites, communities, career-changing connections, and more alongside top-tier social media content—all with the ultimate goal of sharing their message with the world.

One of the most powerful ways to share that message is with a book. 

The writing and book publishing process provides value at every stage, from mining your experiences and insights to home in on the most important aspects of your platform to generating a wealth of material to share with your audience for years to come. Not to mention, it’s a pretty attractive calling card these days—a book with your name on it provides serious credibility, regardless of your field. 

A book also invites connections, from podcast appearances to speaking collaborations; it builds rapport with like-minded leaders without the countless hours of face-time. It also generates PR opportunities for years to come. 

While a book can be an incredibly effective tool, you also need to find the time to write it. 

Arcbound launched its book-development division last year, helping clients bring to life a critical component of a comprehensive and successful personal brand campaign. We offer clients the holistic support they need to write their first—or fortieth—book, from book coaching to ghostwriting, editing, publishing, marketing, and everything in between. 

And because an active and engaged network is everything when it comes to spreading a message, we also build the right community of readers, and create the content and campaigns to meet—and exceed—an author’s goals. In short, we’re a one-stop shop. 

Why is that so important to us? 

The backstory: A subpar process and the potential for something better 

In 2017, our founder and CEO, Bryan Wish, was running a book launch campaign for a client—and running into obstacle after obstacle. He began interrogating the standard but cumbersome path to publication for authors and their marketing teams: managing five or more vendors at a time (from agent to publisher, podcast producer, and PR team); putting together a launch strategy; finding writers to create content that aligned with that strategy; securing media placements ahead of the launch, and more. 

Why wasn’t there a high quality, streamlined way to do it all? 

The thought leaders writing today’s most-needed books are busy—busy leading companies, coaching employees and mentees, giving talks around the country, raising families, traveling from one workshop to the next, and, of course, trying to write their next book. 

You are trying to write your next book, or you’re at least thinking about it. 

We know how daunting it can be to envision your literary arc—from the story you have, to the strategic plan you need for that story to change lives. But when you have a team that can handle it all, it begins to feel doable. It begins to be doable.

How we do it: end-to-end book publishing

You’ve got the ideas; we bring everything else. Our full-service team provides custom support that aligns with your needs and schedule, whether it’s book coaching to get you started and keep you on track, or full ghostwriting to take your insights and experience directly to print.

Most clients rely on our expert writers to help them craft their stories through full ghostwriting, a deeply personalized and supportive process of interviewing, generating content, and editing, with communication the whole way through. 

This process starts with a few calls to understand the message, audience, and goals of the book and build out a plan for the narrative, including chapters and any tools or features to be included in the book (assessments, summaries, etc.). Then, we talk through each chapter with you, transcribe the interviews, and use that material to draft the book’s content. 

We send each chapter through for review, and incorporate your edits in a full manuscript. You then review and edit the manuscript as a whole. All of those changes are incorporated and then it’s copyedited, ensuring it’s completely clean and ready for publication.

For authors who prefer to draft the manuscript themselves, we provide coaching, with planning help, editing support, and regular meetings to maintain accountability. For those who have a draft already, we offer deep editing and polishing services, along with options for packaging and publication. Whether you want to self-publish or go through a traditional publishing house with whom you already have a relationship, we ensure your manuscript is ready. 

But writing the book is only the first step in getting your message out there. 

A successful book launch and author exposure are key to making your mark. In today’s social media-dominated world, having an engaged, committed, and action-ready audience is just as important as the book itself is. 

Our content and strategic outreach teams build engaged communities that drive sales, speaking engagements, and other opportunities to share authors’ insights with the world. 

The launch campaign is the peak of a long process authors undergo to write and release their work. It’s the public celebration of bringing a book to fruition, and it provides a particularly unique opportunity to get in front of and connect with new and existing audiences. From PR placements to speaking engagements, from exclusive book clubs to social media campaigns, book launches are like fuel to the fire of thought leadership and personal branding. 

It also happens to be the nexus of all we do best at Arcbound: Knowing your story, sharing it through creative and authentic social content, and creating opportunities for you to connect with new audiences via media and podcast placements. 

But it doesn’t end there. Launching a successful book is only one leg of the marathon that is building, sustaining, and leveraging a personal brand. Changing the world takes time. But with a solid process—and a single team—equipped to handle it all, it’s all possible. 

Are you ready?