Have you ever felt lost?

Maybe you’ve found success without finding fulfillment, or noticed a gap in what you say and what you do.

Perhaps you’ve sacrificed one part of yourself to satisfy another.

Our founder, Bryan Wish, did too. For years, he struggled to find his place in the common narrative of the world. Eventually, he realized that his life was out of alignment: He was chasing a vision fueled by fear and other people’s expectations, rather than fulfillment. Through intense discovery and work with the right advisors, he aligned every aspect of himself—the person he was at home, at work, and with his community—and found an identity, a perspective, and a voice that resonated with many.

Three years ago, Bryan sought to help others do the same. After helping tech CEO Allen Gannett launch The Creative Curve, he discovered that he was not only launching a book but also delivering the author’s point of view and powerful message to the world, and building a community around that message—in short, he was building a personal brand.

Bryan’s mission became clear: he would scale this experience, helping thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, authors, investors, and experts share their perspective with the world.


Eventually, a one-man consultancy evolved into a full-service personal branding platform, Arcbound. And today, our vision is clear: a world in which everyone has access to expert insight. Through best practices and proven tactics, we are equipping thought leaders to share their talent and expertise with those who need it most, so everyone can reach new heights.


Our team of specialists delivers a combination of content and community strategies across social media, email, websites, books, and podcasts to get your message into the world.

And because we know your time is precious, our process is optimized to free you up to do what you do best. We turn weekly conversations into high-quality and effective content.

We’ve worked with nearly 100 clients, helping sell thousands of books, creating millions in new business opportunities, driving over 46M impressions, and tens of thousands of book reviews.

We’d love for you to stick around and discover how we can bring you value. Connect with us here.