Ahad Ghadimi has led business and cultural turnarounds with a portfolio of companies across various industries from manufacturing to food and hospitality. Ahad is the CEO and Founder of forums@work, a technology platform providing a forum for leadership teams, executives, and employees at all levels of an organization. Through forum@work, Ahad has brought peer-to-peer forums to thousands of employees around the world. He is committed to advancing employee-ownership culture and creating the maximum number of employee-owned companies and employee-owners worldwide. 

Ahad is the author of “Turnaround Artists,” a 12-Week Forum Launch Program, and an experienced Forum Moderator with thousands of hours of forum moderation experience. He is a global citizen who spends time between Toronto, Denver, and Vail, Colorado.

Ahad found new direction in life when he approached a support group. Weighed down by his struggles and without an outlet to share his accomplishments, Ahad needed to find a safe place to share his inner thoughts. What he found was a community that had gone through many of the same challenges and mistakes as him and was equipped to help him through those. Ahad shares in this episode of the One Away Show.

In this episode, Ahad and Bryan discuss:

  • Enabling others to find emotional support 
  • The societal implications of men lacking emotional tools
  • Applying constructive conversation and proper listening at home

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