Alex Kantrowitz is a journalist and Founder of Big Technology, an independent newsletter and podcast that covers big tech stories. Big Technology reaches 40,000+ tech decision-makers with each send and focuses on how major tech corporations like Amazon and Google impact society. Before founding Big Technology, Alex wrote for Forbes, Ad Age, and Buzzfeed. He is also an on-air contributor for CNBC’s slate of television programming in the San Francisco area, where he leverages his tech-giant expertise.

Alex transitioned to journalism from a sales and marketing background. He started his career buying digital ads for New York City’s Economic Development Corporation and selling ad-tech software. Since then, Alex has interviewed some of the world’s top CEOs, including Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Jack Dorsey.

In this episode, Alex and Bryan discuss:

  • How cold emailing people can lead to life-changing opportunities through the facilitation of relationships
  • The liberation and fear that comes from taking an entrepreneurial career leap
  • And why developing a relationship with your audience is far more effective than bombastic click-bait to retain viewership.