Aman Verjee is the Founder of Practical Venture Capital, a practice aimed at capturing unrealized market potential of venture funds in the 5-10 year maturity range. Aman is a business executive with decades of experience in high-growth and technology companies. He has been a key member of executive management teams that have created billions in shareholder value and thousands of jobs, and contributed as a C-suite officer to the creation and growth of some of technology’s most profitable and best-loved brands – PayPal, eBay, and Sonos.

Throughout Aman’s career, he has established a strong track record of creating financial frameworks and leading financial operations for Fortune 500 companies and for rapidly growing startups. He has gained specific expertise in creating protocols that meet regulatory requirements, assisting startups in navigating daunting IPO and SOX compliance plans, and guiding organizations through the entire lifecycle of mergers, acquisitions, and integrations.

Aman’s career trajectory was launched when a college extracurricular opened him up to a network of people who would go on to found hugely influential and successful companies. Find out how today on the One Away Show.

In this episode, Aman and Bryan discuss:

  • Getting clear on who your customer is and what problem you are solving
  • Being open to ideas from the team without getting personal or political about it
  • Why the IPO and secondary market are inversely related


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