Andrea Feigl is the founder & CEO of Health Finance Institute and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University who brings passion and ambition to her work in global health policy, financing, and governance. Outside of her work in healthcare, Andrea is trained as a ballet dancer and holds an international teaching certificate in classical ballet.

Andrea writes and speaks publicly in order to close the knowledge and implementation gap when it comes to global healthcare, especially related to non-communicable diseases. She is recognized as the innovator of the Evidenced Formal Coverage Index metric for universal healthcare coverage.

As a young woman, an unfortunate oversight by an authority figure almost derailed the entire course of Andrea’s life. Find out how Andrea reclaimed her future in a high-pressure situation today on the One Away Show.

In this episode, Andrea and Bryan discuss:

  • The lifestyle factors that play into chronic disease
  • Acting on your own instincts and chasing your desires
  • The implementation gap in global healthcare systems

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