Benjamin Narasin is the Founder and General Partner of Tenacity Venture Capital, a Palo Alto-based firm dedicated to backing innovative Pre-Series A founders. Ben spent 8 years as a seed investor and 7 as a traditional VC, the last 5 of which were at New Enterprise Associates, before launching Tenacity with NEA’s support. Tenacity focuses on the earliest stages of venture: Seed and Pre-Seed. 

Ben’s curiosity has him engaged with a wide variety of fields, activities, and interests, including fintech, mobile, and emerging markets, as well as freelance writing about wine, food, travel, and entrepreneurship for print and online publications.

Ben first realized his passion for entrepreneurship as a child, when an experience in a comic book store led to him launching his first business. Find out how this experience resulted in a lifetime of entrepreneurship today on the One Away Show.

In this episode, Ben and Bryan discuss:

  • How entrepreneurship changed Ben’s life

  • The power of tenacity

  • Why winners embrace pain


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