Bill Mitchell is a founding partner of Cruser & Mitchell, LLP. For over 30 years, Bill has developed a reputation as a nationally retained counsel and “dealmaker” related to the most complicated and high-dollar civil litigation matters.

Based on results, Bill has a reputation as a dealmaker and “helicopters” in on national exposures to consult and develop resolution strategies and negotiate deals for excess carriers and fortune 500 companies. Based on his unique skill set, Bill has developed a wildly popular high-level negotiation seminar series entitled “The Masters of Negotiation” that he teaches to thousands of claims and legal professionals annually. Recent feedback from a corporate GC was “I didn’t even know what I didn’t know until I attended the negotiation seminar.”

Bill is also in expert in litigation management and co-authored the cutting-edge book “The Disruptive Lawyer’s Little Black Book of Litigation Management.” He leads seminars and training for carriers, General Counsel, risk managers, and more on reducing legal and indemnity costs by 20%. Bill consults with legal professionals to improve their processes, as well as develop and implement strategies to reduce legal and indemnity spending.

In this episode, Bill and Bryan discuss:

  • How forming the right relationships can affect your career
  • Perseverance in the face of adversity
  • Why a strong code of ethics matters



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