Bryan’s Take:

Meet Bob Beaudine, the most influential person in my life that I didn’t know until this summer. But that changed when I was randomly put on a thread with him by Sean Magennis. A call that was scheduled for 30 minutes went 2 hours, and by the end, Bob said “I love you.”

Here’s the story of how I got to know Bob.

It started because of his book, The Power of Who. The summer of my freshman year of college, I was hell-bent on trying to find purpose and find an internship around that purpose. It was at that moment the career guidance counselor at The University of Georgia asked me what I liked to do, to which I replied “Sports & Business” I made it my sole mission to work in sports that summer. 

In that process, my mother gave me a book called The Power of Who, written by Bob. It became The Book I used to learn how to build relationships and break through doors that I should have never been in that young in the first place. From the book, I made a spreadsheet of 100+ opportunities in sports, the contacts, and began using LinkedIn like a hardcore user in 2012 and pinging everyone I could. I learned from the book how to write outreach emails to high level contacts and aks great questions.  100+ outreaches later, I had 3 offers, to which I took the job at American University with Robert Sherman.

While sports wasn’t the hill I decide to die on, the industry was an incredible place to cut my teeth. The people in the industry work so hard, and it attracts amazing leaders like Bob and so many others. Meeting Bob, and now recording a podcast with him, was one of the most special hours I’ve had in the show’s history.

The One Away Show is now back in action and I couldn’t be more excited to kick it off with our first guest of 2024, one that means so much to me.

About Bob:

Bob Beaudine is one of the nation’s most respected talent search executives, having conducted hundreds of searches for Fortune 500 companies, entertainment entities, professional sports organizations, non-profits, olympic bodies, and universities, among many others as the President and CEO of Eastman & Beaudine; named by The Wall Street Journal as the “top recruiting firm in college sports.” Bob has shaped the leadership teams of NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL franchises and league offices, in addition to university athletic departments and conferences across the nation and the PGA TOUR, USTA, PBR, U.S. Olympics, NASCAR, UFC, and sports-related non-profits among others. 

Bob is the bestselling author of The Power of WHO! and 2 Chairs. He is a frequent speaker at universities, corporations, conventions, conferences, and workshops and is currently on the Advisory Board of Directors for the Positive Coaching Alliance, the College Football Assistance Fund, and the Cox School of Business at SMU, his alma mater. 

When Bob was a young professional, his father gave him a piece of advice that opened the doors to an entire career and life philosophy. Hear this advice and how it shaped Bob’s career today on the One Away Show.


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