Bob Gower is a New York-based author, speaker, and consultant, who cares deeply about creating organizations that are a net positive for the world. His mission is simple: to help leaders align their teams on all levels so they can perform at their best. Bob is the author of two books: Agile Business: A Leader’s Guide to Harnessing Complexity and Radical Alignment: How to Have Game-Changing Conversations to Transform Your Business and Life. Along with his books, Bob has also contributed to the Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine. 

Bob has keynoted gatherings on four continents, as well as lectured at Columbia University, NYU’s Stern School of Management, the Berlin School, and many more. He’s worked directly with leaders at organizations: from multinationals like Ericsson, Ford, and GE to non-profits like New York Public Radio and the Wikimedia Foundation, to innovative new companies like Spotify and General Assembly, as well as numerous startups.

In this episode, Bob and Bryan discuss:

– How cults prey on vulnerable people, and the ways they hide their manipulative nature
– Why for those who are lucky to survive hitting rock bottom, it is usually the moment that turns their life around. For Bob, it meant getting sober and starting therapy and other treatments to work on himself
– Time, and how we plant the trees whose shade we’ll never know. It’s up to older generations to create environments and structures to better the generations that come after them.

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