Camille Fetter is the Founder and CEO of Talentfoot, a digital business executive search firm that builds difference-making sales, marketing, and tech leadership teams for high-growth organizations ranging from Series B funded startups to Fortune 50 brands across all industries, private equity & venture capital, advertising and marketing agencies, and SaaS providers.

Camille founded Talentfoot in 2010 to help people find fulfillment through fulfilling work, as part of her personal mission to change lives for the better. In 2012, Talentfoot launched Indigo, the first exclusive, invite-only C-suite membership network for executive search, and the first of its kind to leverage matchmaking, executive search, and advisory services in one platform.

Stumbling upon a flyer posted on her college campus led Camille to a lifelong passion for making a positive difference in other people’s lives. Camille believe that the right job has the power to change the trajectory of life – not only for each person, but for families, our workforce and our society. Through her work at Talentfoot, Camille is leading the charge and reimagining the model of executive search and what it can achieve for the public good.

In this episode, Camille and Bryan discuss:

  • Asking thoughtful questions
  • Opening up to meeting new people and perspectives
  • Dedicating yourself to the right cause

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