Casey Berman is the Founder and Managing Partner at Camber Creek, a company that provides strategic assistance to start-up companies by adding real estate experience, expertise, and assets to offer a significant value add. Casey leads the due diligence process for potential investments, makes investment decisions, and participates in the management of portfolio companies. Prior to founding Camber Creek, Casey was President of Operations for one of the Washington, DC area’s largest privately held real estate development and management companies. Casey currently serves on the boards of a number of Camber Creek portfolio companies.

Casey’s One Away moment came when he realized the company he built was changing the entire real estate industry for the better by providing assets, expertise, and assistance to its clients and partners. This led him to a relentless pursuit of helping others achieve their real estate goals and the lives they saw for themselves.

In this episode, Casey and Bryan discuss:

  • What it takes to make it as an investor
  • Building efficient organizations
  • Being perceptive and recognizing trends


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