Chris Goward is a top-rated keynote speaker at conferences and seminars globally, where he evangelizes how marketers should test and gain insights about their messages and websites. Today, his marketing optimization system is helping some of the world’s most successful websites lift their leads, sales, and revenue.

An entrepreneur at heart, Chris has launched numerous businesses since his early childhood candy bar arbitrage venture, including the Rockit Roller human-powered scooter, a graphic design and signage company, an online jewelry business, and a web design consultancy. He is currently a founding member of the Global Conversion Alliance and is an advisor to start-ups like Marketing magazine named him as a “Top 30 Under 30” in 2004

Today, Chris is exploring what is next in his career. Listen to our interview to hear more about his journey and where he’s heading.

In this episode, Chris and Bryan discuss:

  • The role of self-awareness in a growth mindset
  • Uncovering and defining your passions
  • Growth and changing relationships

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