Claire Goldwitz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Square Fare, a tailored, individualized service that delivers the food you need and crave while fitting into your busy life. Designed to help professionals hit their health and fitness goals, SquareFare eliminates the guesswork and legwork by simply allowing users to reply “lunch” or “dinner” and have their food come to them. Prior to founding Square Fare, Claire has been a Senior Leader in various roles across the marketing industry.

As a young professional working in corporate roles, Claire enjoyed the hustle and drive that her work provided her with. However, keeping busy and working over eventually led Claire to neglect her nutrition and wellbeing. She soon hit a breaking point that changed the course of her health and career. Find out what Claire did with this moment today on the One Away Show.

In this episode, Claire and Bryan discuss:

  • How popular attitudes toward nutrition have changed over the years
  • How there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions to nutrition
  • How to tailor your diet to your specific lifestyle and nutritional needs

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