Dan Lappin is the President and Founder of Lappin180. As a leading keynote speaker and elite-level sales performance consultant, Dan delivers the Lappin180 method to hundreds of clients from Prague to New York. Dan’s innovative message weaves psychology, human nature, and philosophy with 30 years of practical experience. He is a student of many influences – business leaders, Navy SEALs, Tibetan monks, professional athletes – and is an expert on high-performance mindset in sales.

Dan is a disruptor with a purpose. His personal mission is to empower the audiences with the courage to do the uncommon – stop selling. According to Dan, the actions conducive to pursuing a sale are in direct conflict with the actions needed to help a prospect make a change. This ideology is at the forefront of Lappin180 teaching, and the key to breaking through sales paralysis.

As a young professional in the corporate world, Dan strove hard to chase new titles and new metrics of success. Ultimately though, his pursuit was cut short when his company went through a Reduction in Force. Find out what Dan did next here on the One Away Show.

In this episode, Dan and Bryan discuss:

  • Living a life free of regret
  • His methods for disrupting traditional sales approaches
  • Abandoning the safety net


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