David Perry is the CEO & Co-Founder of Carro, a new kind of commerce enablement platform that connects all surfaces where eCommerce can happen to form effortless partnerships—connecting brand to brand, to influencers, to media conglomerates, giant aggregators, and even selling on live television. A common keynote speaker, David’s past speaking engagements include TED, E3, Hollywood and Games, Stanford, MIT, and many more leading events and institutions in the Tech space.

Some of David’s past roles include founding Gaikai, a cloud-streaming video game platform that became PlayStation Now after Sony acquired it, as well as the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Acclaim Entertainment, helping introduce “free-to-play” gaming to the western markets.

After 39 years in the business, David remains one of the best-known video game industry veterans, with multiple #1 hits and the Develop – Development Legend award.

In this episode, David and Bryan discuss:

  • The influence of luck on making connections
  • The behind-the-scenes aspects of the video game industry
  • How Carro is bringing power back to the individual

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