David Yudis is the Founder and President of Potential Selves, a unique consultancy that delivers organization improvement products for varied clientele.

David is a facilitator who masterfully moves high potential leaders into outcomes that exceed every expectation. He has a depth of experience working closely with global, senior executives to build their skills in leading others to compete during challenging times. 

David’s executive development is grounded in his experience as a senior human resources executive and management consultant in a variety of organizations and settings.  He has worked extensively as a global advisor to senior management of highly competitive organizations that range from small cap to large multinational corporations comprised of thousands of employees, and previously served as a senior executive at Disney.

David’s one away moment occurred when a trusted mentor confronted him on his life’s path. Find out how this moment shaped his future on the One Away Show.

In this episode, David and Bryan discuss:

  • Seeing possibilities beyond where we think we can go

  • How a mentor suddenly changed the trajectory of your life

  • Leading others through challenging times


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