Frances West is the Founder of FrancesWest&Co, a global strategy advisory company focusing on operationalizing diversity inclusion through digital transformation. Frances brings to the table 30+ years of experience across a variety of fields. She has held numerous executive positions, including being IBM’s first Chief Accessibility Officer, where she managed a global team to establish IT accessibility standards, shape government policies, and develop human-first enterprise technology and solutions enabling all people to reach their highest potential. 

As a first-generation Asian immigrant, Frances brings a unique personal perspective to the DEI space in addition to her board base global business background. A globally sought-after public speaker, Frances has spoken at TED, Mobile World Congress, World Congress on Information Technology, Consumer Electronics Show, and South by Southwest. She is the author of the book “Authentic Inclusion™ Drives Disruptive Innovation,” a C-suite oriented cultural and digital transformation leadership best seller selected by CES and SXSW as one of the 2019 Technology Business Book of the year.

While visiting the US on a university exchange program, Frances found herself opened up to new opportunities and new connections. Find out how this redefined her future on the One Away show.

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