James Webb began his career as a radiologic technologist in his home state of Mississippi before moving to Dallas in 1983 to take a job as Director of Radiology at a local hospital. After 13 years working on executive teams for various medical imaging companies, James founded Paradigm Healthcare in 1996, the first of many companies he would go on to found and establishing himself as a key leader in the industry.

After more than 40 years in the medical field, James turned his focus to the fitness sector and created one of the largest OrangeTheory franchises in the country, with over 33 facilities across North Texas. He now endeavors to develop and open multiple BeBalanced Centers throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin, and has entered into a franchise agreement with Scenthound to develop 10-20 stores in the Dallas market.

When a company he worked for early in his career was acquired, James was let go without ceremony. This led him to a realization that shaped the course of his career. Find out what he learned and much more today on the One Away Show.

In this episode, James and Bryan discuss:

  • James’s path from growing up poor to becoming a successful entrepreneur

  • Why reinvesting in your business is crucial to success

  • How James approaches finances with family, and how his personal relationship with money has changed over time


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