Founder and CEO of the Abraham Group, Jay Abraham’s influence on the world of marketing consultants is unmatched. He’s globally renowned as a proven business leader, and is also one of the top executive coaches in the US.

On a more personal level, he’s also been a life-changing mentor to me. His advice throughout the years has helped light the way to my true path, and keep my focus on what really matters.

Through the power of consulting, Jay Abraham uncovers pain points and creates innovative solutions that empower underperforming businesses to thrive. One of Jay’s many strengths is his ability to lift up the bottom line. He has drastically increased revenue for over 10,000 clients across 1,000 industries worldwide. 

The Foundation of Jay Abraham ‘s Career Success

I’m not surprised by this at all, because his entire career is built on the foundation of advising, both businesses and people alike. All these impressive wins come down to a combination of hard work and innate talent. 

How Jay’s Experience Shaped my Own

Jay doesn’t just audit business operations and pinpoint inefficiencies; he takes a real human approach by getting to the heart of a company’s essential mission and purpose. In fact, he did this for me and BW Missions. 

In one of our most memorable conversations, Jay gave me this lightbulb moment about my own business and aspirations. 

When BW Missions was just an idea in my head, I wanted it to be anything and everything under the sun. Trying to reach everyone would have made our mission resonate with no one. This is a common problem for entrepreneurs, and where expert consulting comes in to serve such a critical need.  

Rather than spreading my efforts and resources in every direction, chasing countless dreams, Jay sat me down and encouraged me to find my real direction, both for myself, my business, and my future team. He really showed me the value of narrowing down my vision into something specific and actionable. 

Jay Abraham has taught me so much about life, and I’m excited for you to hear his wisdom firsthand.

“I’m grateful for all the good and I’m reflective of what could be different. I think you have to look at your life always in context. It could always be worse. Can certainly always be better. If you make the most of whatever you’ve got, not the least, life is a fascinating adventure.”

Jay Abraham has dedicated his career to solving complex problems, and has encountered and overcome  virtually every type of business challenge along the way. Over the years, he’s thoughtfully created a solution for every question that’s come across his path, even the ones that seemed to have no tenable answer. 

Where others see an insurmountable obstacle, Jay sees an opportunity. Learn his about his methodology for success below!

Top 5 Takeaways From Jay Abraham

In our discussion, Jay revealed the five ideals that he values above all others. He learned a basic formula success early in his career when he was working for the company that would become IcyHot, the product that comes to everyone’s mind first to this day when your muscles are aching after a killer workout.

At the time, it was a mailer company. By the time Jay worked his magic, it was sold for nearly five times its initial value. 

“[Once I [understood these fundamental principles,] I utilize[d them to] build a company from almost scratch to $13 million with no marketing costs in about 1 ½ years, with 500,000 repeat buyers.”

  1. Lifetime values
  2. Marginal net worth 
  3. Allowable costs 
  4. Earning trust through thoughtful marketing 
  5. Gaining perspective through partnership 

Jay created a data-driven and reliable process he could use consistently to attain results, every time. 

“If you could win [a company’s] trust, you could get them to not charge you, but to become partners instead, and share the result the advertising produced. Putting these elements together was transformative to my life.”

He’s stuck to this methodology ever since, and it works. This formula’s effectiveness is apparent not just in his own business wins, but in those of untold clients he’s revolutionized business for. In this episode, you’ll learn how he applied this strategy at Entrepreneur and beyond.

Highlighting the Human Element of Business Consulting

Beyond consulting, Jay has this amazing ability to just draw people in. Since we met 3-4 years ago during a trip to California, he’s had a massive influence on me.  I think one of the biggest factors that makes our dynamic so strong is that neither of us have ever viewed our interactions as transactional. 

We started building a real relationship from day one.  By the end of our first meeting, his wise worldview and sense of humanity had me as hooked as his business savvy. Something I admire about Jay is that he really values forging deep personal connections that extend beyond the professional, which is something that’s really important to me, too. 

On Business, Writing, and Life

This episode is unique, because Jay’s story includes not one, but three One Away Moments. 

Even though Jay reveals all these amazing business and marketing principles, you’re going to be surprised shares not one, but three different One Away Moments:

  1. Launching a startup that turned into the ubiquitous brand IcyHot
  2. Working with the leading business publication out there, Entrepreneur
  3. Reaching catharsis through talk therapy

It’s fascinating to listen to his experiences in marketing, consulting, and the publishing world, but what really compelled me about our conversation was when he spoke about the last of the three. 

“I went through three mid-life crisis; one at 40, one at about 50, and one at 60. The first two, I made money and I was looking for salvation, happiness, and it didn’t come. I was really traumatized.”

Upon realizing that “having it all” didn’t guarantee true happiness, he sat down to do the hard inner work of self discovery and catharsis. His therapist helped him learn transformative life lessons that reshaped his conception of fulfilment and success.

“The real meaning of life is the process. The interaction you have with everybody, old, young, wealthy, proper. Everyone has value. Everyone has perspectives. Everyone has different hopes and dreams. If you learn to appreciate everybody who compositely makes up life, business, companies, audiences, markets, buyers, clients, you will fall in love with every day and every interaction. That forever transformed my life.” 

I couldn’t be more excited to share three stories from Jay’s life.  that have helped him turn into who he is today, both professionally and personally. Listen to the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or watch it on YouTube at the top! Below, you’ll find a transcript to help you follow along.