Jesyka Harris is a fashion model, attorney, TV host, avid traveler, Mom and human rights advocate based in Los Angeles, California. 

Jesyka has developed a following by providing not only genuine, high quality content with a purpose, but also leading by example. She received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Communication from the University of Southern California and a J.D. from Columbia Law School in New York City before going on to join a Top 10 corporate law firm. Along with her recognized leadership roles at USC, Jesyka was honored as a Renaissance Scholar, which is why she calls herself a Renaissance Woman. 

After college, Jesyka worked for the U.S. Department of State and Commerce in Washington D.C., where she learned a lot about international affairs and human rights advocacy. She earned a law degree from Columbia Law School in New York City to further her career as a Human Rights Advocate. When she started juggling her full time job at a prominent law firm with her passion for fashion and dance, Jesyka’s life mantra became “breaking out of boxes and leaving your labels behind.” 

As a result, she has connected with and brought together all different types of people from around the world. Her background enables Jesyka to not only to know how to create beautiful looks on camera, but also on how to educate her audience about the powers of perseverance, how to develop confidence and achieve your highest-self. Jesyka epitomizes the idea that you can “do it all and do it well” and she thrives on mentoring young women around the world to live the same.

In this episode, Jesyka and Bryan discuss:

  • The moment Jesyka realized she was on the wrong path for her and had to make a career change.
  • Jesyka’s journey as a content creator, and how it is the culmination of her many passions.
  • Race in American culture and the ways that Jesyka’s bi-racial identity has influenced her life and her writing.


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