Jill Stelfox is the Executive Chair and CEO of Panzura, the fabric that transforms cloud storage into a global file system, allowing enterprises to use the cloud as a high-performance, globally available data center. Prior to joining Panzura, Jill founded and acted as Co-CEO of marketing consulting firm EDGY, where she helped companies like McAfee, Adobe, and USAA transform their business and technology processes. Before this, Jill literally changed the game of football stats as Vice-President and General Manager of Location Solutions at Zebra Technologies, where she created the sports vertical that delivered player-tracking technology to capture the speed and acceleration of every player on every inch of the field.

Jill’s background in tech started with creating three venture capital-backed enterprise software companies. As a technology leader, Jill has managed to create intersections between industries that once may have been considered unthinkable and spotted opportunities hidden underneath established, legacy solutions.

With more than 20 years of focused effort and creativity in the entrepreneurial tech space, Jill has lived – and overcome – all the struggles that growing businesses face. Whether it’s creating a new category of wireless technology to protect teachers in schools or driving international expansion for one of the world’s largest consulting companies, she refuses to accept mediocrity.

In this episode, Jill and Bryan discuss:

  • What it means to nourish the whole human, and why business leaders need to focus on this
  • Aligning your personal and professional values
  • Transparency between leadership and employees

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