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Can embracing transformation help you find your life’s purpose?

Keith Cupp, Founder and President of Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, found deep fulfillment in helping others nurture personal growth in ways they might not have been able to achieve on their own. He discovered this passion during a transformative experience building homes for families in need in Mexico, where he saw the impact that this type of work had on the community they served and the individual builders.

This realization led Keith to establish Gravitas, a global community of certified business coaches, where he now applies his belief in creating meaningful change through action.

Keith’s journey has taught him that meaningful change often arises from transformative experiences. While there are various paths to change, the most impactful ones involve actively engaging with those who challenge limiting beliefs and propel individuals toward realizing their full potential. 

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About Keith:

Keith Cupp is the President of Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, a global community of certified business coaches who serve mid-market companies across six continents. He has over 20 years of experience as a principal coach at Ascendancy Partners, Inc., his own private coaching business. He is also a former CEO of Gazelles International, a premier coaching association that uses the Four Decisions framework.

As a certified coach and author of the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth framework, Keith helps CEOs and leadership teams develop their skills, build accountability, and simplify execution. He has coached five clients to award-winning status, including Best Company to Work for, Inc. 500, and #1 Company to Work in the State of Arizona. He is passionate about cross-cultural leadership development and social entrepreneurship, having co-founded programs in Uganda and Mexico. He is a US Navy veteran, a miniature beagle lover, and a foodie.

Over a decade ago, while participating in a volunteer activity abroad, Keith had a realization that helped lay the foundation for a new driving philosophy in his life. He shares his story on today’s One Away Show.



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