Lacy Garcia is the Founder and CEO of Willow, an award-winning financial technology and guidance platform that helps financial institutions better engage and serve women and new majority investors. Through Willow, Lacy also helps employers better support and retain these employees. Lacy founded Willow so that other women can access the coaching and personalized guidance that she needed to achieve her goals.

Having been a private banker and marketer in financial services, Lacy understands the challenges of trying to meet the needs of clients from both the perspective of a financial advisor and as a woman who has navigated multiple life journeys where she needed financial guidance beyond investment and estate planning advice.

Lacy has spent her two-decade career at the intersection of financial services, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship and education. She sees herself as unshaken yet flexible against changing winds, and passionate about helping women, the new majority, and the next generation achieve financial independence.

In this episode, Lacy and Bryan discuss:

  • How money can be a vehicle for change in underserved communities
  • Empowering women to make strong financial decisions
  • How uplifting women benefits everyone

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