Lilit Davtyan is the CFO and executive vice president of Phonexa, a web and call lead tracking and distribution software specializing in finance, health, home services, and insurance verticals. Lilit oversees the company’s business development, supervises on questions of compliance and internal finances, and maintains relationships with key clients. She works closely with company leadership on long-term strategy execution, while also overseeing all financial aspects of the company and acting as a liaison between the firm and their outside legal counsel.

Lilit has over eight years of experience in business and tax planning, has collaborated with numerous Fortune 500 companies in her career, and has extensive familiarity within the financial industry. Her experience has also exposed her to various regulatory environments where she had to help provide internal and external guidance to maintain compliance with government agencies. Her wealth of business knowledge allows her to provide critical oversight to every department and maintain a welcoming open door policy to all personnel. She is known for being dynamic in her talent and always lending an extra hand when needed. From business development and compliance to human resources and talent acquisition, Lilit has served many roles and maintains her steadfast commitment and leadership throughout.

In this episode, Lilit and Bryan discuss:

  • What it takes to be a leader
  • Building confidence in your team members
  • The benefits of teaching young children about finance

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