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Lorenzo Thione confronted the harsh realities of life upon arriving in the US during the tumultuous aftermath of 9/11. These early trials empowered him to embrace his LGBTQ+ identity, driven by a profound understanding of the fragility of existence.

Lorenzo passionately advocates for representation as a catalyst for societal transformation. By actively uplifting and supporting marginalized communities, he underscores the importance of leading by example. He firmly believes that through individual empowerment, others are inspired to recognize and unleash their full potential.

Join us as we delve into Lorenzo’s narrative of self-discovery, mission to elevate other LGBTQ+ founders through StartOut and Gaingels, and his journey as a visionary entrepreneur and investor.

About Lorenzo:

Lorenzo Thione is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and expert in Artificial Intelligence whose career sits at the intersection of Technology, Storytelling, and Social Advocacy. He has a deep background in AI, and has gone from AI researcher and technologist to being the co-founder of Powerset, a pioneering AI company that developed one of the earliest AI-powered web search engines. Currently, he serves as the Managing Director of Gaingels, where he oversees AI, deep-tech, and consumer tech investments. He is also a co-founding chairman of StartOut, which is dedicated to supporting and elevating LGBTQ+ founders in the venture startup ecosystem​. 

Beyond technology and venture capital, he is a celebrated storyteller and creative producer in the Theater. He is a two-time Tony Award winner for his work on Broadway, which includes producing “Hadestown,” “The Inheritance,” “& Juliet,” “Days of Wine and Roses,” “The Notebook,” and “Allegiance.” His career, roles, and the projects he has taken part in highlight his belief in the power of representation and inclusion in both business and the arts. Lorenzo was also recognized as one of the most influential LGBTQ+ people in tech in 2014 and 2018​.

Lorenzo’s life changed forever when a national tragedy forced him to take stock of what was important in life and learn to recognize who he is on the inside. Hear his story on today’s One Away Show.



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