Marc Champagne is a Mental Fitness Strategist, a field he pioneered to combine two core drivers in his life:

– His desire to teach, guide, and illuminate a unique method of thinking through questions 

– The thrill Marc feels in distilling, organizing, and simplifying complex situations 

After a decade of working on corporate teams in sales, analytics, and product management, Marc left to study the minds of elite thinkers. He has now studied mental fitness practices for over a decade and consults with Fortune 500 companies as a mental fitness strategist and speaker. In his work, Marc unpacks the mental fitness practices and reflective questions shaping the lives of some of the most successful and brilliant thinkers in the world. 

Along with speaking and consulting, Marc is also the host of the top 50 ranked podcast Behind The Human and co-founded the journaling app KYO, which reached 86.9 million people without any paid advertising.

In this episode, Marc and Bryan discuss:

– The power we have to steer our future and accomplish our dreams

– Promoting mindfulness and engaging with yourself in order to improve your quality of life

– How your life is not defined by only one chapter and how to assess your progress holistically

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