Michael Basch is the Founder and General Partner of Atento Capital, where he leads the vision and strategy for the firm and investments. Michael’s career started as a barista at a coffee shop in high school, rising through the ranks to oversee operations of 22 stores and managing a $19M coffee operation. Michael eventually partnered with close friends to grow a product manufacturing company to nearly $40M in revenue before selling it to a publicly traded company.

During that time, Michael began investing in real estate as well as angel investing. This led him to join Spotad as President, building it from $0 to $16M in revenue in under two years. From there, he joined the Clinton Campaign in 2016 and continued looking for more ways to make an impact. This led him to launch Atento Capital in Tulsa, where he’s spent the last 5 years investing in early-stage companies and driving various transformative programs and initiatives geared toward building a vibrant and inclusive tech ecosystem.

Michael’s One Away Moment happened when his body responded to the stress and pressure he had put on himself as an entrepreneur. Listen to what he learned from this experience on the One Away Show.



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