Michael Rucker, Ph.D is a behavioral health expert and health technology intrapreneur. Michael has a portfolio of industry accolades and two decades of experience in technology, marketing, and digital strategy. He’s created innovative solutions for companies such as Sony, Universal Studios, Red Bull, and Realogy. In 2016, Michael was named a Top 50 influencer in digital health and, that same year, completed a Ph.D. in organizational psychology focusing on effective workplace wellness strategies.

As a psychologist, Michael found himself tracking what made him and others happy. This resulted in him understanding the core mechanics behind happiness in our brains. However, when faced with two life-changing events, Michael found that the tools that once worked for him were actually making him more miserable and he had to find a way back to joy. His experience eventually led to him releasing his newest book “The Fun Habit: How the Disciplined Pursuit of Joy and Wonder can Change Your Life.”

In this episode, Michael and Bryan discuss:

  • The fickle nature of devices used to track happiness
  • Flipping the switch between work and leisure
  • Michael’s journey to authorship


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