Nanxi Liu is the co-founder and co-CEO of Blaze, a software company that gives teams and leaders everything they need to create custom web applications and internal tools that supercharge your operations. Nanxi has founded and led multiple companies, including the revolutionary Nanoly Bioscience, a biotech company that has developed polymers that enable vaccines to survive without refrigeration. In 2012, Nanxi also cofounded Enplug, a rapidly-growing tech company that’s built the leading open software for managing and distributing content on digital displays. 

Nanxi serves on the board of several non-profits, including National Foster Youth Institute, After-School All-Stars, and Yes2Jobs. She also is a member of XFactor Ventures, a group of CEOs and founders that invest in extraordinary startups with woman founders. So far, XFactor Ventures has invested in 53 companies including Chief and one of the fastest-growing kitchenware companies, Our Place. 

Nanxi was born in China and grew up in Colorado. She went to college at UC Berkeley and built multiple apps during her time there. When she’s not leading teams and building companies, Nanxi loves to adventure, playing music, and volunteering.

In this episode, Nanxi and Bryan discuss:

– Ways in which the team is sometimes more important than the idea

– Why one must constantly be pitching with a true belief in the service to anyone who will listen

– How leaders should always do their best to take care of their team


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