Nathalie Walton is the CEO and Co-Founder of Expectful, a holistic wellness app for hopeful, expecting, and new parents. In her first 90 days in this role, Nathalie pivoted the company and raised a $4.2M seed round. Expectful has supported over half a million women on the journey to motherhood through their mobile app, which has over 3K five-star ratings in the app store. Nathalie also led the Expectful team to cultivate an Instagram community of 175,000, as well as a cult-like following with over 65 press mentions in 2022, including features in Forbes, Techcrunch, Vogue, and Goop.

Prior to Expectful, Nathalie spent nearly a decade in various roles at Airbnb, Google, and eBay. She has led product partnerships, business operations, and strategy teams in the US and internationally. Nathalie has signed and negotiated over 50 first-in-kind deals and launched multiple new products within large organizations.

As an entrepreneur and executive, Nathalie thrives in start-ups and the corporate world. She is energized by advising other entrepreneurs on fundraising and growth strategies. Nathalie also enjoys speaking about entrepreneurship and tactics for growing early-stage companies.

In this episode, Nathalie and Bryan discuss:

  • The moment Nathalie realized entrepreneurship was the right option for herself
  • Finding comfort and confidence in uncomfortable situations
  • How a silent retreat inspired Nathalie to create a mindfulness product


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