Noah Kamrat is the Co-founder and CEO of IP Link Technologies Group and Signalmash, a CPaaS platform that seamlessly incorporates programmatic voice and messaging into any workflow or app. He started his career in telecommunications at MCI, and then took the skills he learned there into a leadership role as the director of National and Key Accounts at Frontier Communications. From these experiences, Noah has a deep understanding of how telecommunications works and reinvents it into the Signalmash platform, making it stand out from its competitors. 

Noah’s passion and interest in creating and supporting social change is something that largely impacts the vision of his business and the influence he wants to have on society. Along with being an advocate for inclusion and diversity, Noah holds a strong philosophy that measuring the success of a business is not solely about profit, but also how you treat your employees, customers, and the community as a whole.

In addition to growing his business and giving back to the community, Noah also carries a passion for music. He has been playing bass as well as guitar since he was 5 years old and loves classic rock, jazz, and bluegrass. Noah’s interest in improvisation and the creative process applies to both his music and business philosophy.

In this episode, Noah and Bryan discuss:

  • How having a child at a young age changed Noah’s worldview and the trajectory of his life
  • How music taught Noah the importance of communication, and how he was able to transfer his communication skills from the rehearsal room to the board room
  • The advantages and disadvantages of working for a large corporation, and why Noah eventually left to form his own company.



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