Ntiedo Etuk, better known by his nickname “Nt,” is the Founder and CEO of FitGrid, the boutique fitness industry’s first SaaS solution to fuel studio owners with the data and tools they need to strengthen instructor-client relationships, improve retention, and drive greater revenue. Over the course of his career, Nt has founded multiple startups, including the educational video game developer DimensionU, and the health and fitness-focused companies YourGuru and Boutique Fitness Solutions.

Nt was a model student and rarely found himself challenged at school. To try and branch out, Nt took an electrical engineering course at Cornell and found himself frustrated with the course. This led to the realization that he couldn’t get by solely on his natural smarts, but could still do anything he put his mind to if he applied himself.

In this episode, Nt and Bryan discuss:

  • How big changes require big thoughts
  • If you want to accomplish something, hard work and dedication are essential
  • Building community


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