Peter Sorckoff is the Founder and CEO of Seer, a company that aims to solve business problems by applying behavioral science, allowing organizations to more accurately understand the behavior of customers, consumers, fans, donors, and voters.

Peter’s career began in a therapeutic environment, which informed his human-centric vision of marketing from the outset. Prior to the launch of Seer, Peter was Chief Creative Officer & EVP Brand for the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena, where he built an internal agency that changed the paradigm of sports partnerships with Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch, Diageo, Verizon, and FanDuel. Peter also led the repositioning and rebranding of the Hawks franchise, and served as design lead on the $200M ‘Experience First’ renovation of Philips Arena, where groundbreaking architecture fulfilled the needs of a millennial audience. His leadership created the $40M Emory Courts practice facility — the USA’s first cohabited professional sports practice facility, human sports science lab, and sports medicine and orthopedic practice. 

Internationally, Peter has been a consultant on projects for the Olympics and in the Australian sports marketplace. He is a much sought-after marketing speaker on the national stage, where audiences learn about how to market to the subconscious and how every brand should think of their customers as fans. Peter’s approach epitomizes big-picture thinking. He brings his 20+ years of marketing and branding experience to the table in every interaction, leveraging his deep understanding of the human subconscious and the phenomenon of ‘fandom.’

In this episode, Peter and Bryan discuss:

  • Peter’s past work in addiction treatment and how it taught him valuable life lessons
  • Analyzing your audience to create a more engaging and enjoyable event experience
  • Building a trusting relationship between brands and fans


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