Ryan Bloomer is an experienced entrepreneur and investor with a passion for building companies and communities. He launched K50 Ventures as a continuation of the K50 community which recognized purpose-driven founders from around the globe who were pushing the world. K50 Ventures is now a supporter of over 180+ new purpose-driven companies with a particular focus on the areas of Health, Finance, and Work. In addition to K50, Ryan is also a founding partner and advisor of Kairos HQ, a venture studio that co-founded fintech unicorn Bilt, the first card that lets you pay your rent and earn points. Prior to founding K50 Ventures and KairosHQ, Ryan founded two companies and held operating roles at Blumberg Capital, 1-Page, and Jumptap in San Francisco.

As a young professional entering the workforce, Ryan found himself at the crossroads between a safe, stable job and an opportunity to start his own business. Today on the One Away Show, Ryan shares the risks and rewards he assessed and why he chose the path he did.

In this episode, Ryan and Bryan discuss:

  • How finding the right team allowed Ryan to flourish
  • The past 10 years of growth in the venture capital industry
  • Missed opportunities and the role of regret

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