Ryan Prior is a journalist and author whose recent book “The Long Haul,” a gripping and compassionate narrative on the “Long COVID” phenomenon, recently won the Silver Award in it’s field at the Nautilis Awards. As a Journalist, Ryan has written and produced hundreds of stories under byline across The Century Foundation, CNN, USA Today, and the Daily Beast. At CNN, Ryan has worked on projects across print, digital, and television media. During the 2016 US Presidential Election, he worked in the newsroom covering speeches, rallies, and town halls for all the major candidates from both parties. In 2019, Ryan wrote the story that received the highest reader engagement of any CNN story published for the entire year.

Prior to CNN, Ryan started a company, built a team, raised $150,000 and traveled the US directing, producing, and writing a feature-length documentary film called “Forgotten Plague.” Ryan interviewed scientists and doctors from Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia, as well as journalists with the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The film was hailed a “Must See Documentary” in the Huffington Post, had sold-out theatrical screenings around the country, was translated into 7 languages, and is available on Amazon Prime.

Ryan’s life changed when one phone call snowballed into a book deal and a long-lasting partnership. Find out more today on the One Away Show.


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