In the nine years since Sara Stibitz began her professional writing career, she has ghostwritten New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers and developed and edited dozens of self-published books. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Harvard Business Review, New York Magazine, Spoilage Literary magazine, and many more. She writes on the topics of business, travel, how-to, memoir, and spirituality, and she helps new authors do the same. She draws inspiration from many of her favorite authors, including John Steinbeck, Donna Tartt, Paulo Coelho, and Edith Wharton, to name a few. 

Sara found herself at a critical juncture when her father’s health began deteriorating at the moment she was achieving professional success. Her father’s passing made her question whether striving for success was worth sacrificing the time with family. Hear her story today on the One Away Show.

In this episode, Sara and Bryan discuss:

  • The impact we have on others in our lives

  • The true value of success when it is at the expense of our relationships

  • How writing helps us process and find gaps in our own knowledge


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