Scott Case is a Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Inventor known for his role as founding CTO of, the “Name Your Own Price” Internet service. At the Walker Digital Invention Laboratory, Scott built a portfolio of intellectual property and is a named inventor on dozens of U.S. patents, including the underlying portfolio for

In 2006, Scott joined the Malaria No More team to inspire individuals and institutions to end deaths caused by malaria. In 2011, Scott became the founding CEO of the Startup America Partnership, focused on building strong startup communities throughout the United States. In 2013, Scott co-founded Main Street Genome (acquired by Dining Alliance) to leverage data to make small businesses everywhere work smarter through data science and software technology tools.

In 2015, Scott rejoined Walker to transform the way we buy business travel at Upside, a company designed to provide value to people, businesses, and the planet. Scott also serves as the Chairman of Network for Good, a national nonprofit that has distributed more than $3 billion to 250,000 nonprofits. 

Today, Scott is working on a new company called Zettawatts, a company whose goal is to make clean energy as affordable and available as the internet.

In this episode, Scott and Bryan discuss:

  • Embracing opportunity when it strikes
  • Cultivating relationships that allow you to reach your fullest potential
  • Technology’s role in integrating your work life with your personal life



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