Bryan’s Take:

Have you ever had a moment when life threw you a curveball, only to realize later it was exactly what you needed? Sri Seshadri knows that feeling all too well.

A setback that initially seemed like a missed opportunity turned out to be the catalyst for Sri’s journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment. Instead of dwelling on what could have been, he embraced the chance to delve deeper into his true calling. Today, he’s not just a Leadership Team Coach, but a guiding light for individuals seeking purpose and joy in their lives.

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of Ikigai, Sri empowers others to uncover their passions and chart a course towards meaningful success. It’s a shift from simply “What can I do?” to the more profound question of “What do I want to do?

In his role as a leadership coach, Sri understands the dual agendas at play: one driven by the CEO and the other driving the CEO. His insights span a wide array of topics, from agile growth to fostering purpose-driven leadership.

Don’t miss out on Sri’s transformative wisdom. Tune in to The One Away Show for a Life and Leadership Masterclass that promises to enlighten and inspire.

About Sri:

Sri Seshadri is the Founder of Agile Growth Partner, which provides business coaching for smart and hungry CEOs looking to achieve their growth aspirations without burning out. Since 2014, Sri has coached more than 100 leaders through one-on-one sessions and trained over 1,000 leaders across programs. Prior to starting Agile Growth Partners, Sri worked in senior commercial, finance, and strategy roles in Fortune 100 companies including GE and Capital One, leading teams of up to 50 staff, managing a budget of over 600 Million USD and advising CXO’s on a range of management topics. Sri’s clients achieve superior business results through increasing productivity, revenue, and profitability, and report significantly higher confidence, lower stress, reduced time consumed by the business, and vastly improved work-life balance. Sri holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Engineering, an MBA, and has completed Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program and Harvard Kennedy School’s Art and Practice of Leadership Development.

When Sri was declined an opportunity he felt he was well suited for, it gave him the opportunity to better understand himself, recognize his specialty, and ultimately how to apply his expertise in a more holistic way. Find out how Sri made this change on the One Away Show.


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