Steven Freidkin is the CEO and founder of Ntiva, Inc., a full-service technology firm that provides businesses with advanced technology expertise and support, including managed IT services, strategic consulting, cloud services, cyber-security and telecom solutions. Steven started his first IT consulting company in high school and furthered its efforts during his college career at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Today, Ntiva has over 300 employees who serve over 1200 clients. Steven’s current focus is working with Ntiva clients to align their organizational initiatives and growth efforts with technology; developing strategic growth plans for Ntiva; identifying opportunities for business development; and last but not least, creating an environment for top technical talent to develop.

Steven’s One Away Moment happened when he welcomed a new pet into his life allowed him to build healthy boundaries and bring balance to his life. Find out how today on the One Away Show.

In this episode, Steven and Bryan discuss:

  • How welcoming a dog into his life changed it for the better

  • What led to Steven’s tunnel vision around the business

  • Separating your personal identity from your business


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