Tobin “Toby” Trevarthen is the CEO/Founder of Spatial Shift, LLC, a Strategic Narrative Design consultancy, and CEO/Co-Founder of The Narrative Playbook, a Narrative Design Lab. Toby is a modern elder and curious polymath that brings over 30 years of executive management knowledge to his pioneering narrative work. His background represents a consistent thread of revenue creation, solving for complexity, and designing for new categories, all of which spans Fortune 100, scale-ups, startups, and non-profits. Along with Ann Badillo and Tim Donovan, Toby is the Co-Author of Narrative Generation, a groundbreaking book focusing on the significance of narrative in a world besieged by noise and transformation.

After graduating from college, Toby found himself determined to make a change that would shape his life and career for years to come. Find out how he made this decision on the One Away Show.

In this episode, Toby and Bryan discuss:

  • How following his passions allowed Toby to excel
  • The importance of curiosity and consistency
  • Helping others reform their narratives


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