Have you ever woken up and not recognized the person in the mirror?

After my heart was cracked open last June, I decided to go on a Westward Journey. When I arrived in Denver, I was met with an inescapable heaviness I just couldn’t shake.

In July, sitting with my own grief and uncertainty, I decided to make a call. A mentor of mine, Rich Keller, answered. Over the past 11 months, he created a safe place for me to open up. He brought clarity to my behaviors and helped me discover and confront my deeper cracks one by one.

While what I felt I’d lost seemed so significant, what I gained was even greater. I found my true self.

On this journey, something else dawned on me: I’d been building a company that aligns with the personal work I’d been doing all along.

I didn’t just gain personal clarity by peeling back the layers of my past. I am living out an arc similar to the way we guide our partners. We peel the layers back of who they are and help them define their messages so they can live in the world more meaningfully, and they can execute the vision for their own life. 

Enjoy the video. It tells the deeper story of the past year in a powerful and vulnerable way.