When Dolly Parton arrived to get her Covid-19 vaccine, she was dressed in a glitzy, cold-shoulder top that matched her eyeshadow and face mask—all a deep, midnight blue.

But she wasn’t just getting the shot like everyone else. After donating $1million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to support the development of the Moderna vaccine, Dolly was truly getting a dose of her own medicine.

While waiting for her shot, Dolly broke into a rendition of “Jolene,” reminding people of who she is at her core. And it’s all part of her Arc.

What’s an Arc?

At Arcbound, we refer to your life’s trajectory as your “Arc.” Your Arc is authentic and unique. It’s about what you do, for sure, but it’s also about who you are, where you want to go, and how you can reach your fullest potential. And when all of those elements are aligned, you can get that much farther. 

Building Your Arc

To build your Arc, start by looking at your values, strengths, and weaknesses, and how they show up. Think about how you want people to perceive you, and find a few people who will (kindly) tell you the truth about how people see you today.

Then, consider what goals you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to list something that feels like a stretch—you can’t meet a goal if it doesn’t exist.

Living Your Arc Authentically

As humans, we contain multitudes. Finding your Arc means you’ve aligned those multitudes so that you’re the same person whether you’re leading a meeting or dropping your kids off at daycare. If who you are at work isn’t who you are at home, how can people trust the story you’re telling? And how can you trust yourself? 

Dolly Parton is a country-pop superstar, an actress, and a philanthropist. And whether she’s standing on stage at the Grand Ole Opry or supporting the causes she’s passionate about, she’s always herself. She has aligned her trajectory and shows up authentically every time—big hair, sparkly boots, and all.

Whether you’re writing a book, supporting a charity important to you, or anything else, the most important part is showing up authentically. We work with people to align their life trajectory—to find their Arc—every day. We know you can do it too.